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This one i dun quite agree.

You see, fc the calculation also uses how far you travels. How can short trips causes lousy fc? At most drop a little then usual (due to start stops) sometimes even jam worst. 1 long trip end up 30-45mins to reach (if one end to another) and fare also not high.

But you see ah, u travel long distance dun have start stops? Even if use expressway also have especially pie during daytime (i dun drive night cos family time).

And for that miserable $1x fare u travel so long distance only to wait for next ping. I do cbd 1-2 trips already cover 1 long distance trips and each trip less then 4km apart.

The only bad thing about focusing cbd trips is you need lotsa of patience to wait for one to come to you and your AR will drop like birdshit.

The only thing you can argue is doing long distance maybe earn a few dollars more then i do a few short cbd trips. But i dun get so pek chek with bad traffic out there. Soon soon traffic in cbd (afternoon u rarely see jam unless got accident or road works).

Long trips wih surged fare is worth to do else i rather do short trips.

Even though mileage balance out, but I'm sure ur fuel efficiency came down due to the short trips.

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