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if i were you, i will drain out 90% of the dirty water, clean out all the uneaten food, wash all the mechanical filter, take out all the dead fishes and refill the tank with dechlor water.

The one time sudden shock of large water change is better than many semi large water change shock while still being exposed to dirty ammonia laden water.

Also, maybe a tiny burial ceremony for your dead pet fish. I feel your lost for the angel fish especially.
My angelfish officially died today. And my the ammonia test still shows teal blue. I think I will try a few more days of 25% change and add in seachem stability later. No change by sat, I will do a massive overhaul already.

And I just discovered there are snails in my tank. The babies crawled to the surface. Water must b really bad for them to do it. But good chance to get ride of them.

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