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Back to transfer, whatever whoever Ed tried or said he tried, to sign after WC, are panic action to me. This, I blame it on Ed.

H Maguire has been doing well the whole last season before being selected in WC squad. They are blind if H Maguire only appeared in their list after scoring goal in WC. Served them right for being tok carrot head.

Look at VVD's latest performance, that put both our boys in Brighton game to shame. Tall, strong, good ball playing skill, adapted to EPL already, 25/26 of age, perfect for JoMo I said. He was available the whole last summer, did we go for him? Was his price tag a joke now?

Can we still trust JoMo's "list of players" he wants?

I may not like the idea that a Technical Director coming in (I will explain later) instead of a DoF, but I agree that is a good and rational move. It is for the goods of the club. A Technical Director's role:

My function is to make the link with the players, the coach and the board, Campos said. I develop the scouting team and its structure. I speak with the board to assess the economic opportunities for signing players. The coach develops the profile of the team, the type of players he needs for his tactics, and in tandem with the scouting team we suggest the best solutions on the market to fit the profile the coach requires.

I have developed a large network worldwide. Normally, I build teams by using five players with experience and combining these with big talents who also have the potential to develop inside the club for its future.

JoMo, or whoever in-charge of this club, needs such professional assistance.

Luis Campos is the person who helped Monaco recruited the likes of Martial, Mbappe, Mendy, ect. He is now at Lille.

I have every reason to believe that if Luis Campos is the person that Ed is eyeing, this is his strongest backing for JoMo. Luis Campos belongs to Mendes' camp, has close relationship with Mendes and JoMo. During JoMo's time at RM, he had serious clash with Valdano, their DoF that time. He requested to the their president to replace Valdano with Luis Campos. In the end, Valdano was not replaced, but Luis Campos was hired as a Chief of Scouting kind of role, to pacify JoMo. This temporarily calm the situation there.

If the incoming person is someone else, it is not to undermine JoMo, but to give him professional help.

Also, this is also the reason I think that, VDS will not be coming in if it is for TD role. He is now CEO at Ajax, no reason for him to downgrade himself for a TD role here.

My 2 cents.
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