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Don't talk like that leh, later people say the wife not faithful go out taojiak (Zidane).

Anyway, if any of the Zidane rumour was true, JoMo is only having a taste of his own medicine. The year end before LVG was sacked, there was already talks about Ed approaching JoMo. I won't be surprised it was their side (Mendes) leaked such confidential meeting info to the public to add pressure to LVG.

Lol, wife not faithful. Or husband playboy change wife every 3 years. He's like the successful, high ses prized boyfriend who courts you with sweet words etc, after marriage than you realise what a person he truly is until you no choice ask for divorce. Cannot get what he wants start being sarcastic to you and your kids, blaming everyone except himself. Never his shortcoming but others. Then starts sulking and bringing the morale of the family down. Wife never go out court Zidane, they are just rumours like you mention from outsiders who look at the marriage as breaking down and feels she deserved someone better.

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