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Look, with all the players Foos signed, they actually havenít won anything for the past 10 years? 😏😂

Sure, their heavy metal style football might be attractive but they still havenít won anything yet.

Also, Iím not backing JM. I for one would love for him to go right now if we actually really can manage to get Zizou to come in.

But since thatís not the case, we should back JM to succeed. Because JM winning games = Utd winning games = we happy. 🤓

And got JM to win games, Utd need players. Thatís the truth though, no matter what fans think about our current line up. On paper is strong but most of them are quite young in age, except Young 😂

And honestly, as a management level, you donít give a pay raise to your HOD and then cut off his legs when the department is ďgrowingĒ and he asked for more staff but you refuse.
cannot deny they invested quite well in buying a good defender, keeper and 2 midfielders at the right age

and someone here was insisting no player in the mid 20s will come here. i dont really dont understand at all. all the other clubs have been investing in players in their 20s

and instead JM wants oldies at sky high prices to save himself
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