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Ed gave him all the players he wanted for the last 2 season

he can't even motivate them to perform well enough to challenge the title

challenge. not win

he cant even motivate the players he himself bought
now he come to ed asking to buy 30yr olds at 70m each
last season one not even a regular at spurs
another also not regular at chel
so ed is expected to say yes?

you want to back your manager is fine. that's y i think fred was bought quite easily and early. i dont think ed mind paying 50m for him but dont come asking him to pay 70m for a 30yr old

i might be in the minority here but im on ed side.
wanna buy players at least buy the right kind
Make sense even a kid would know u dont buy an expiring candy.
You buy fresh and can keep it for long.

Financial is not under JM care therefore he only do his part by sending his own wishlist however the list is subject to approval by board.

I hope JM would seriously consider talented early to mid 20s players like Fred the red.

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