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I only know that I don't know enough of what goes on the club in the entirety to say what should or shouldn't happen. I'm not in the business of what ifs. I've seen pretenders like Blackburn and Leeds come and go, so I do think the business end is probably as important as what goes on on the pitch. I don't think anyone praised the team (as a complete entity) after the defeat, so I don't know what some are complaining about. Some of us are not knee-jerk types or are confident enough to say any single variable is the cause of this trough. Some believe a change of A/B/C/D or any combination will bring us to the next crest, some think otherwise. I've seen people calling for CristianoR to be sold, some backing CarlosT to the point of saying SAF doesn't know what he's doing letting a good player go, and some calling SAF senile and past his prime. Doesn't mean I've seen it all, it's just that I've realised everyone chooses to see things from a different angle. Just don't keep harping on the same point every other post like a broken record.

I support United my way, you can go about yours. You wanna lament for the next 4 days before the game, or for the rest of the season, feel free to, no one can stop you anyway. I'm just going to look forward to the next match to see what changes. Because touch wood, I'll never know when the next match is the last match I'll ever catch. Dour as the last game may be, it will never be as bad as some that actually did happen during SAF's time.
Next match against Tottenham, a top 4 club for several yrs.
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