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with regards to mentions about JM winning PL titles before, i did went to look at the squads then.

JM won with Chelsea in 04/05, 05/06 and 14/15. Now, based on my impression and memory, supported by number of appearances, i would say JM employs about 6 defensive players with 1 player who can link up the attack and defence and 3 attackers. so it would be 4 defenders, 2 defensive midfielders, 1 box to box/midfield who can link, 2 wings and 1 frontman.

if we compare to our squad now, we also have 4 defenders, but 1 is a winger-to-lb/rb. in midfield we are playing the trio of pereira, pogba, and fred. of these 3, i don't really see 2 defensive midfielders. last season our midfield looked stronger remember? because matic was in it, and usually herrera/mctominay was the other, leaving pogba to bet he box-to-box/link. this season? all 3 don't look good defensively. in our frontline we have a stellar cast of superstars, but it is awfully imbalanced. of our entire frontline, we don't have a provider, unlike chelsea who employed damien duff in the early years and then oscar in 14/15. our frontline only has attackers who dribble/finish.

so in my opinion, the title winning chelsea can be defensively sound, because they have 6 players in defending, 1 who can defend and attack during counters, 1 winger who can provide, 1 attacker who can dribble and 1 striker who can finish. this is the most complete park-the-bus lineup you can get.

for our case, we have 3 defenders, +1 who is converted but still doesn't look defensive enough. of our trio of central midfielders, maybe fred looks a little defensive minded, pogba and perreira look better when they are attacking in the final 3rd. in frontline all our attackers are not good providers, instead are better dribblers/finishers. this is probably the reason why we play so badly when JM uses the park-the-bus tactic against strong opposition, because we don't have the most suitable players for such a tactic. and the reason we are not scoring is because we don't have good providers in the team to send the final ball to our finishers. maybe mata, but he isn't consistent.

with our lineup for the past 2 games, i think we are more suited to play 4-1-2-2-1, 2 fullbacks to press forward, 1 anchor man to defend when needed, 2 central midfielders with 2 attacking midfielders and supported by the 2 pressing fullback try to keep the ball in front, eventually overloading the opponent's half and either them or the one striker can attack the goal when the ball is sent into the box. the gist is to keep the opponent in their half and keep the attacking possession count.
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