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he can't even motivate them to perform well enough to challenge the title

challenge. not win
as i said before. NONE of SAF's teams would have challenged, simply coz the 100points tally blew everyone away.

81 points would have challenged most other EPL winners, and we could possibly have had more if it was closer and players were more motivated.

We need to take a step back and remember where we were before Jose came, and where we were last season. From languishing out of UCL to becoming somewhat decent.

He has bridged the gap, we have to give him some credit. We came ahead of the team with a godlike Salah who would surely come in top-3 in ballon D'or.

However, I also feel it may be time for another manager to instill some fresh ideas into the squad. Our play is really to watch sometimes. We'll see what happens. by December we will know
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