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[WTF] LOCAL SG Android Dev/Expert to help with Flash

Hello there,

A few months ago while my uncle was visiting me in Sydney I helped flash/format and rebuild a custom ROM for his Galaxy Note 4. Unfortunately, the phone is now stuck in bootloop for some reason (unable to load) and my uncle is not a techie.

He has taken it to many phone shops in Malaysia and Singapore (both Samsung and 3rd party shops) only to be told "cannot la boss" or "change phone la" or
"I need you to leave phone, and will charge you $100 to investigate first" .

Frustrating , because I know this is simple and do-able , just require a new complete ROM flash through bootloader/using adb sideload as I did not create a backup of the recovery for him to restore and also a root.
He is unfortunately not a 'techie' and is not familiar/hands on enough with these advanced methods - he is a 50 year old person.

Looking for some help , or someone that can help (I am sure there are some local Singaporeans whom have the knowledge to do this), recommendations welcome! Happy to pay for your kind service! Just need to find someone whom knows what they are doing instead of tcss.

Thank you guys and gals!
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