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because its the board that changed their stance on how to run the business but yet did not make necessary changes to match the path they chose.

Carra n GNev didn't say its a must, but if the board don't wanna be like them, den they bloody make sure Ed isn't just capable of maggie mee deals.

even LFC's FSG appointed a sporting director(new created role) to adapt to new ways to running clubs. their fans has been criticizing their transfer dealing for years.
It's weird that they talk about football is changing, how the structure is changing and that these days there must be a sound structure with Director of Football etc to take care of different aspects of the game...and that now we are playing catch up with Man City even in terms of that. DM was slated for saying we aspire to to be like Man City back then. Now it seems ok to say we aspire to be like everyone else.
As to why Ed gave a contract extension in Janurary, I guess there are expecting him to deliver especially with a new signing in Sanchez. The club was willing to write off the transfer fee paid for Miki in exchange for Sanchez. They would expect him to turn it around and at least win a cup as we are still in the running for UCL and FA Cup. Instead they are seeing the same old defensives plays.

That confidence in him must have dried out by summer when we got knocked out by Sevilla and didn't win the FA Cup or any titles that matter. JM just made mattered worst with his negativity during pre season in USA. I guess like most of us, the board must have still been wishing that JM can turn things around when the actual season starts when all the players return.
u dont 'dry out' in a space of 6mths after a new contract
it sounds almost like when giving the new contract they told JM "if Sanchez still dont work den sorry u gotta do it our way, buy young, no more old farts, u deal with whatever we give u."
if that was their intent, den they should never had extended him. i'll be surprised JM even extended in the first place under such conditions

even his track record shows that he will voice out about his management when he cant get signings.

since they decided to extend, den they have to back him thru out.
he wants the young Dalot, Fred, but he also wants an experienced CB, Winger. im pretty sure he identified the players quite some time ago, esp Perisic.
if give them benefit of doubt they din know JM better when first employed him, the time they extend his contract, they should know his style, and not just suddenly say "sorry no old expensive dudes for you"

its more like now see Zizou is available, so "let's play bast4rd and see when we can sack JM, Nov/Dec is a good time."

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