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Actually, the trick to winning the league is very simple.

Just stick to the best 11 and make very little changes to the lineup as and when necessary.

Look at Arsenal's invincible season. They stick to same players and in fact some players played 37 out of 38 games.

Same for Leicester winning seasons. Practically the same first 11.

Same can be said for Man city and Chelsea winning seasons. They stick to a first 11 and don't even use all 3 subs sometimes.

When you tinker too much with different players every match, you just cannot get the optimal performance from the team because players are unsure of the movement and where to pass to.

Man utd will always tinker because they have the most players on big payroll and their players demand to be played.

Man utd no longer has the atas status. Even Fellaini can still demand for a contract after not securing a contract from another club.
problem is utd players are very inconsistent. today they can play well but next game out of focus. the players are more interested in social media and fancy dance moves.
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