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"I find this argument, frankly, amazing": PM Lee Hsien Loong on commentators who say that the 99-year lease for an HDB flat is an "extended rental".

Home ownership helps Singaporeans build up assets: PM Lee

SINGAPORE: By pursuing homeownership as a key national policy, the Government has improved the lives of Singaporeans significantly, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in a speech on Friday (Aug 24), following key announcements on housing policy at Sunday’s National Day Rally.
"The Government has long pursued home ownership as a key national policy, for many good reasons," he said as he launched a book - Critical Issues in Asset Building in Singapore’s Development.
Owning their own homes gives Singaporeans "a stake in the country" and something to fight for when the "chips are down", said Mr Lee.


Can't blame him lah. He's probably never been tasked to make a proper business decision or negotiate from a weak position since he's born w silver spoon n his 1st n only job is miw top dog. How can he relate to commoners? In this case he doesn't even make sense
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