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This is a good idea. It is after all 7 inches, so in the category of tablets.
We should no longer gauge directly screen size using the diagonal length without considering their aspect ratio.

6.9" may sounds huge but it's of 18:9. No longer standard 16:9 we are used to for years.

Going by calculation, 6.9" 18:9 ratio on Mi Max 3 is only equivalent to 6.3" 16:9 ratio. Both with same 9 units screen breadth. That additional 0.6" is due to the extra 2 units elongated on the screen length. Not much practicality in real usage.

And, in fact, one will find Mi Max 3 screen smaller than that of Mi Max 2's 6.44" 16:9 screen due to perceived thicker screen breadth.

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