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yeah I am expecting that. just a waste of time for both parties. jin paiseh. so if know the outcome already, better don't bother to meet...

looks like it's quite common these days. this is the second banker (different bank) who asks to meet up recently. the banks making them work super hard I guess...
It's a pretty common sales technique. Out of 100 people, maybe 10 to 15 are 'weak' enough to give in and actually meet with them. Those are the ones who, even if they don't really want to buy what the banker is peddling, are highly susceptible to being convinced to buy. Out of those 10 - 15, about 8 to 10 of them will probably give in to their sales pitch.

I don't even bother to talk with them over the phone. My standing instruction is to send me the details by email. It's not too bad, one of them did contact me by email, and I was able to place a 1 month USD FD at 5%.
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