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Agreed. Like many have said: they should have backed him or sacked him. Choosing neither here nor there is just poor for everyone involved. Like you said, our team has not upgraded at all, since Fred is just to replace Carrick. 6 goals conceded in 2 games just speaks volumes of the shambles at the back.

Money thing really gets me sometimes though - I know we should not overspend, but seriously, as they richest club in the world, what did we expect to face when we were asking to buy other clubs' players?

From woody's point of might not be just paying big money for player A and/or B.. it is the aftermath....meaning the salary required by the new player and those in the current team will also require to have their adjusted to be of the same amt as the new player..

I still believe the current grp of players are not playing to their best ability...
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