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We're already past the "we need this and that" phase/timeslot. The irony in the midst of all these discussions is that we're literally at the "we have to work with what we have" 4 months. What we're hoping JoseM will do.
But I think that's exactly what JoseM is doing, and he's switching things around to find the right combo. We have a mishmash midfield who don't synergise well, a backline who keeps getting shots (from players, media, fans) from all over (even though I don't think it's a major problem with them), and a frontline (or should I say frontpoint) that isn't as potent as he had hoped.
35 to go in the league. Can I put up with it? Yes, because I still harbour hope. Unlike his mentor whom I (honestly) pretty much gave up hoping for good football.
Your last line proves that youre supporting a lucklustre Man Utd just because of Mourinho. If it was still Moyes or LVG, you would have given up, correct? Thats where I'm at with Mou, I've had enough. but still another 4 months is nothing...

But i give it to you that at least he is switching players to find diff combos. Just hope he finally realises that he needs to switch tactics too at some point..
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