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I am sure negativity is rife round after a dismal performance, but there is no need to impose ones' method on another.

we are all here for a healthy discussion, or to vent. mostly the latter in recent years. There is no point in having to 'backup' one's pov or stand. there is no justification to an emotional sport.

if this the kinda football that you hate watching, anyone is more then welcome to watch other football. but do not for once, thought that its your right to vent your frustration on other members in this place.
well said.
i dont need to be a footballer to know football
im just a fan giving my personal opinion whether it's unpopular or not

i dont need some elitist mindset of "im superior to you, i know more than you" to come tell me im pro or not

this is the effing reason so many people out there detest certain group of united fans
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