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Seriously speaking can't think of any player he utilized best..

JM is good at parking bus and counter score goals but we don't have the right players.

Fans "pang chance" cos of his past stellar record.

Patience is wearing thin if results don't improve.

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Then fans need to also see his past records of destroying a club in the 3rd season and getting sacked.

Dont just see the good thing, see the bad as well. But make decisions based on what's good about him and stop making mistakes made by previous clubs by letting him have a 3rd season.

We have now taken the same route as his previous clubs. 1 step forward, 3 steps back. Whoever is taking over him now will have a harder time to repair the damage.

He's a 1 season wonder coach. 2 if you're lucky, but never stay for the 3rd. He's tired of the toys given to him to play and just wants new ones.

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