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I gave up hoping for good football. I didn't give up on United. But I still hoped LvG would start focusing on the attacking side after solidifying the defence and midfield, which I admit he did pretty well. He didn't have the time since it appears now that he was always just an interim.
I would never have given up on DavidM. He was the one whom SAF backed. SAF can back eating cockroaches for health and I'd have given it a try.
Yalah thats what i meant, give up on manager, not Man Utd lol.

I too was one of those who still had hope in Moyes and LVG. I was quite shocked when LVG got sacked after the FA Cup title. I guess you can call my hatred for Mou a pent-up disappointment. He's done fark all since the Europa League, besides getting second placed.
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