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Who's to say he's not here for the long haul? If he wasn't interested to make it work, he wouldn't have agreed to a contract extension. Just to line his pockets? He's already rich enough from Roman's payouts.
Who's also not to say that he is just like any other human beings who is after money. The club is rich he knows that. If he is really keen in going for a long haul and building a team up to championship material, he should go and manage a lower team who have lower budgets.

If players can demand extra wages in contract extensions, maybe that's the way for the manager to get higher pay as well, through contract extensions and getting sacked to get the golden handshake. He is still a human being who wants to be paid well. It's not like he is doing all these for free. He gets paid well to do the job. And he better do a good job instead of cleverly directing the blame to everyone else except himself.

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