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Hi experts,

Been wondering about this question as smart phone cameras are getting more and more sophiscated. Is there a need for point and shoot camera?

Any recommendations on point and shoot camera that trumps smart phone cameras easily?

Thank you
This question really depend on the individual's photography preference. If you are heavily into shooting and sharing on social media and don't really nitpick about Image Quality, a smart phone with a great camera will do the job.

"Point & Shoot cameras" is a highly misunderstood term, you can Point & Shoot with a DSLR too. What traditional cameras offer is ( if you are into it ) the ability to customize and adjust to your photography preference and different scenarios.

If you are looking to buy a high end compact / mirrorless / dslr only to use in "Auto" mode, then I would recommend for you to stick with phone cameras. This is not due to bias but waste of investment into a tool that won't be used to it's full potential.

You can find some recommendations here:

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