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I thought about it too. How can you verify the identity of the website operators who are charging you $10? Same problem - you cannot know how they operators protect / and use your personal data.
With Kang, I know this is a local person. Any issues I can still go to the police.
Less luck for overseas website operator..
Not sure what you're talking abt. the link posted is for a singapore registered company.

1 Fullerton Road #02-01,
One Fullerton
049213 Singapore.

I've never dealt with kang so im a little curious why are u so certain he/she is a local?

Hope you are correct though, my biggest issue with kang is that everyone stands naked in front of him but he seems very well hidden.

Ask yourself one qn seriously, Since he has your hwz nick, full name, telephone numbers, email, DOB, address, mother's name, nric . Is it possible for kang or anyone who manages to hack into his yahoo break into any of your singpass, gmail, amazon, FB accounts?
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