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Anyone interest in we knife?

Recently I talked with Fstoplight who is the distributor of We knife in Singapore. Their low price model seems not matching the price at US. But their expensive one like 704CF-C has a similar price as BladeHQ or knifecenter.

Their price is S$390 and gets 10% in-store discount which is then S$351 (USD 257 by google rate). BladeHQ sale it at USD 253. Consider all the shipping and exchange rate by Visa. Their price basically same.

I'd like to order from them, but the problem is that they do not have the model I like in stock. Moreover, they only import we knife in batch. Therefore, it is not clear that what time they would import new WE knife. I am trying to find some other people who interested in we knife, and get enough people that we can ask them to import knife for us.
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