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Yes, I encountered the bug too. So annoying
Just happened again yesterday night. My Pool Team (3rd Season) was again almost matching my season 2 results (matching Man City 100 points tally) with 3 games to spare. Man City (Home), Leicester (Away) and Wolves (Away).

Results as follows:

Beat Man City 3-0.
Lost to Leicester 0-2 (bogey away results).
Beat Wolves 1-0.

It was the Bogey Team Leicester which somehow, 3rd consecutive season playing at their stadium away that I lost for the 3rd time. Though this round, Leicester did again lead 1-0 and my Team "equalized" via Ben Woods (supposed to be his 30th goals in all competition) but end up not registered. Leicester then pounced again killing the game off 2-0.
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