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For digi, they have if I'm not wrong 50 or 75 days of inactive days

Prepaid cards in Malaysia have 3 phases.
1) Active
2) Inactive
3) Termination

First is active, during the active phase is where you can do your usual normal call and receive sms etc.

The amount that you top denotes the number of days that you are active. Eg, if you top up 1RM, than you are active for only 1 day. 10rm, 10 days of active days and so on

Once your card is not in the active stage, you can still receive SMS and if I'm not wrong also receive calls, BUT not allow to make calls and also to use DATA. I know that for Hotlink they have 50 days of Inactive days, Digi is 75 if I'm not wrong.

During your inactive days, you just need to top up any amount and then you are back to the active phase.

Lastly, if you didn't top up during your inactive phase, then you will move on to the termination phase. At this phase, you can't top up and the only way to get back the number is to contact the CSO. But advisable to just get a new number at this stage.


I'm always in Singapore and on and off I do go over to JB. I have my Hotlink app in my phone. I usually buy 4 X 5RM reload ticket from the phone stall, the one that you come down to take bus to KSL etc. In Singapore, I can load the app, and then enter the pin of the reload ticket. This is my way of extending the validity of my prepaid number.

For Digi, there is the extend validity option for 1RM in the app. Just tap that and then you can extend your validity

Actually it is not difficult to maintain a Malaysia prepaid number, as long as you keep track of the active and inactive days

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