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wa 70k.. is either you really do a lot or those ID wanna chop you.

My ID was quite reasonable pricing..

kitchen: Hack semi open + do window + kitchen door + 25ft cabinets in total
all 3 room with at least 5ft wardrobe
master room high storage platform bed
master + living feature wall
Living + 3 room Vinyl overlay
2 toilet with fix glass panel + Vanity
Dining area: false ceiling
living + master room: coves lights
Full height 5ft shoe cabinet
whole house painting: 6 colors

My reno done up is about 40k + - only... + my ID drove me to JB purchase lighting and toiletries..

i think his price is really reasonable and he did quite a great job for my unit.
Yours seem to be quite a fair bit hor? I not doing much. Really simple works. I had one vendor told me its around 70k "based on their previous works" and another vendor told me they will only take a project with a minimum of 60k value or they are not interested.

I'm leaving most of my house empty some more. Even excluding kitchen carpentry and flooring yet....

I am asking for hack two walls (kitchen + bedroom), toilet vanity, master bedroom head board with side tables, and open concept wardrobe. That's all. It's really not much compared to most couples but don't know why I am still getting sky high prices.
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