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Please refer to the link for more information - DiGi FAQs on the 6% Service Tax

1. How much do customers have to pay for a new Prepaid starter pack after 1 Sept 2018?
From 1 Sept 2018, Digi customers pay the published rate of RM8.00 that is printed on the SIM packs, which is inclusive of 6% Service Tax. At the same time, customers receive a revised preloaded credit of RM5.00.

2. Before 1 Sept 2018, I enjoyed 0% GST rebate upon reload. Will I get rebates if I reload after 1 Sept 2018?
When you activate your reload after 1 Sept 2018, the airtime value received will be after the 6% Service Tax has been deducted upon successful reload. Example, for a RM10 reload, you would receive RM9.43 airtime with RM0.57 deducted for Service Tax.
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