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How come your reno not approved? If you cannot taking ID like I am, I suggest you look for vendors who have in house loans or those that accept credit card instalments.

My SO and I not keen to take loan as we feel we should not start our future together in debt (aside from the monthly CPF la). Furthermore ID really anyhow charge leh. I ask many different ID and some give me itemised quotes and some just quote me 70k off hand

Think I will only take ID for coordination works like hacking and light works around the house. Cut down the cost significantly. Flooring and kitchen I save about 4k in total by taking contractor instead of ID.
We got rejected by ocbc because me and hubby got no credit rating.. anyway, we have decided to take up cimb reno loan.. they are offering the loan at a higher interest rate due to our rating so we just take the minimum amount @ 10k coz dont want to repay so much every month.. so we have decided to do kitchen with the id and the rest will get contractor to do it.
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