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I played pes in the past until dunno which version. Think I started fifa in 2011 or 2012.

Dunno leh.. Every year I dl pes demo try. I didn't like it. Not like last time on ps1 and ps2 lol...

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i tried the demo too and was not feeling it. but decided to take plunge and bought the game, don't regret it. although when fifa comes out, i think i'll focus on the online for that.

co-op purposes for myclub. damn fun this mode if u haven try. can try someday.

maybe pace bah if anything i can think that is diff. last time pes much faster pace. i like to use real madrid got owen and ronaldo. give them ball just run sure goal.
yeah can try one day! also, pace can be adjusted if you want. to me, the default pace is just nice.
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