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Sorry, noob qns.

For Digi 75 days inactive period, is it from the credit balance valid till date? E.g. My credit balance is valid till 11 sep 2018. The inactive period will be 12 sep 2018 + 75 days?

So if i extend validity on 24 Nov for 1 day, my inactive period will be 25 nov 2018 + 75 days?

Also can i do the extend validity in SIN? I have just download the Digi app.

When extending validity, do i get any data? Or do i have to buy the rm$1 daily data plan?

Can i buy the rm$1 data plan during the inactive period? If yes, does it means my validity period will also be extended for another 75 days? Or i must extend the credit balance validity before i can buy the rm$1 data plan?

Last qns, i was given digi best. Which is better, digi best or live (i know digi live has 90 days inactive period)?


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