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Hello my fellow friends. It's been a long time since I last chat here. Miss you all with all the information.

1) Someone mentioned about the new rules for people to be able to keep 20K inside our CPF. No need to clear out our OA for the house. I did that when I took up bank loan with HSBC. We borrowed 276K. It's been 6 years. Interest paid is closed to 40k. Do you think it's worth it?

2) With regards to the option fee. I heard from the CS from HDB, it will takes around 4-6 weeks. I also need the money back asap leh....

3) I will be going to HDB this weekend for the 10% downpayment. Since no keys available as yet, I will just sit around and gain more experience from you all.

4) Waiting for Nur.Azie to revert on the updates for the floor screeding appeal. Since I failed to get the flooring from HDB, left with no choice but to use vinyl for bed rooms and living room. If HDB can do floor screeding, can save at least 1k ba. Anyone has any of such experience to share with us?
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