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Asking here is faster than waiting on hotline? Really? You will get the answer more quickly on the hotline than waiting here.

Or is it you just want to spend 30 seconds shoot one question, then go off, hoping someone is going to answer you?
Ok, maybe I shouldn't say faster, it's easier. Like that you feel better? You moderater or what?

Hotline are not all user friendly. Some are designed badly where you just can't find a section that suits your need. You simply pick one closest option but lead to a dead end. You so fed up then have to hang up and call in again. Sometimes can get very frustrated. I always avoid hotline unless no choice.

Even worse is, when finally reach a human, most of these hotline/help desk people tend to speak softly one. I many times ended up repeatedly saying 'sorry, excuse me, can speak louder, sorry what?...' while pressing the phone hard to my ears. I also paiseh. After call ears also pain. Many unpleasant experience.

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