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Iím conflicted between the two and which to choose! I need some advice thank you

Pros of NTU: 3 years with direct honours
Pros of SMU: 4 years with double degree and direct honours

The reason why i feeo so conflicted is because i dont know if i wanna spend 4 years studying? But then SMU seems to provide a good deal by giving students a double degree with direct honours even though it is not confirmed that one would get a double degree or direct honours! Thats why i feel like maybe NTU is better because i only have to do 3 years and get a possible direct honours?

Plus another thing i am concerned about is the school culture because im from Ngee Ann Poly mass comm which is full of loud noisy fake **** that i am really used to just a bunch of over friendly bitches and right here it seems like SMU might seem like a better fit but i really dont know??

So I just wanted some advice based academically and socially how it would be like in each school? Whether one or the other school is better in business marketing etc.

Thank you!!!
I don't think NBS is as loud as SMU in terms of culture. It sure is competitive though. Ask urself this question. Would u rather a high gpa but single degree or a mediocre gpa but double degree? The reason why I am asking this is it is a universal fact that doing double degree takes up way more time than doing single degree. Are you willing to forgo CCAs and social life?

The bad things I have heard about NBS include China scholars who wreck bell curves and the trend of them using online modules to conduct classes. Despite being a mere 3 years direct honours course, I know of people who could afford to take LOA for a semester to do internships and they could still graduate on time (by overloading other semesters)
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