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Angry ZappleRepair negative experience. I ended up losing my entire computer to him

Hi all,

I am sharing this for awareness since I learnt several Singaporeans have gone through similar negative experiences with this computer repair company, who happens to operate in Funan IT mall or Suntec previously.

The company is ZAPPLEREPAIR, run by this indonesian guy called Benny Sunarto

My surface pro 4 was sent on 12 Jan 2018 and by 07 Aug 2018, I still did not manage to resolve the transaction issue. I ended up losing a couple of hundred of dollars to him, which I am pursuing via Small Case Tribunal currently.

Grateful if you can share for awareness on your own socialmedia so lesser cases of #JoverChew (if you recall the case of mobileair in simlim square) will happen and this #bennysunarto of #zapplerepair will not have chance to bully consumers like you and me. Check out his facebook page for the bad reviews
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