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10 passes max if u only play one region.

Set your timezone to UTC-12 (or any of the USA time zones) so that when it comes to 8 Sept 11AM, it is still 7 Sept for the USA time zone. Remember, prior to this, DO NOT activate the First Pokestop spin nor First Catch of the day for 8 Sept. It is best that u set the timezone before 8 Sept midnight if u are still playing after 12mn.

After raiding 5 times, change your timezone to the proper Sinkie one and raid the remaining 5 times.

It is not possible to gain the 9 Sept passes because even if u set timezone to UTC+14, the earliest for it to be 9 Sept is still 6PM sinkie time. So to get the 9 Sept passes, will need to raid in USA's Moltres Day, which will be from 9 Sept 2AM to 5AM.
Thanks man. Im ok with 10 passes. My next qn is if i were to play just in sg for both 7 n 8 sept, is it ok for me to do the first catch of the day on 7 sept? Den comes 8 sept, i set my timezone back to 7 sept to do the motlres raid and get my first catch as moltres on 8 sept ?
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