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I thought on 7 September cannot do raid or catch... so that when it comes 8 September you push backwards then can register the 5 free passes. I might remember wrongly. Sometimes I also confused
@kiwi, on 7 sept can spin normal pokestop but not gym right?
Can do anything on 7 Sept up until 2359, including raid. If u want the remaining 4 passes for 7 Sept, u must not trigger first pokestop spin of the day nor the first pokemon catch of the day with the clock set at 8 Sept.

U need to set the timezone such that by the time it's 8 Sept 11AM, it is still 7 Sept on your phone. Use up the 5 raid passes for Moltres, then set timezone to normal so that it becomes 8 Sept. Raid the remaining 5 times for Moltres.

Total 10 passes.
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