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Most of the time, you will not use 2 degree to look for a job.

For example, if you have a law degree, you can use it to become a lawyer or business related jobs.

If you have an accounting degree, you can use it to become a accountant or business related jobs.

And if you have a law and accounting degree, you can only end up with one job such as lawyer or accountant but unlikely both.

Some more you are talking about one of the less value degree major such as Business (marketing).

So no point getting a double degree if you cannot get good result or cannot even graduate.

Just get a 3 years degree and move on with your life.

Iím conflicted between the two and which to choose! I need some advice thank you

Pros of NTU: 3 years with direct honours
Pros of SMU: 4 years with double degree and direct honours

The reason why i feeo so conflicted is because i dont know if i wanna spend 4 years studying? But then SMU seems to provide a good deal by giving students a double degree with direct honours even though it is not confirmed that one would get a double degree or direct honours! Thats why i feel like maybe NTU is better because i only have to do 3 years and get a possible direct honours?

Plus another thing i am concerned about is the school culture because im from Ngee Ann Poly mass comm which is full of loud noisy fake **** that i am really used to just a bunch of over friendly bitches and right here it seems like SMU might seem like a better fit but i really dont know??

So I just wanted some advice based academically and socially how it would be like in each school? Whether one or the other school is better in business marketing etc.

Thank you!!!
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