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4th call
Lady was very nice.. check the call records and making sure that the error was brought to the techincal team, which their reply was also reinstall and login..

Then she asked me if my email was the same in the system? I told her mine, she said it was wrong.. i have been using the same email since i signed up with grab. So how can it be wrong?
I also did few rides the day before..

I asked her if there is at least half a day of reinbursment..

Logically, i been using the driver app for a few months with the same email...and today the error came.. she told me that it was different in the system?

How come is it possible? I did not change, is my particulars beening hack? Or is your system..and my half a day trying to reinstall and login.. just because the error is on your part? I have to sit and make phone calls and end of day.. my particulars was actually wrong, it was fine for the last 2months. Today i woke up and found out its wrong?

The last lady was nice enough, i told her i am not making it hard for her. And now i am afraid that particulars was change from your end, is it human error in transfering of details?

I send this email to grab support.. dunno got use or not.. any bros can help out.. sibei dulan halfday like that gone.. just settle only.
I having issue with my-destination
Everytime I pickup a pax and going towards my destination (but not yet reach. For example I put punggol to jurong, kenah one in punggol to town) once I drop the pax my driver app will auto unavailable or close by itself and when I tap on again it will say 1/2 mydestination used
Check with my other phv friend itís not suppose to be like this, I call in few time until I gave up, like talking to idiots everytime,
Recently I call regarding my super steady incentive missing from the app the person answer keep saying it will be paid out by 7, wtf, I keep repeat and rephrase he keep saying I know but it will be paid by 7th (Iím not even asking about payment)
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