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Hi All

I looked through this thread and some other threads, i can't seem to get a clarification on these issues

Q1- using singapore downloaded app wechat or alipay, can we get someone to send RMB to the app (wallet?) and just use the app to pay for food and stuff like the local chinese.
That person has to have a china mobile phone?

Q2 - can link singapore credit card to wechat or alipay?

I dont' want to open china account or keep china mobile phone.

someone ( i don't know well) told me that i can buy value cards in convenience stores (7-11 type) like mobile phone cards and top up the wallet in the app and then it's like cash, can just scan and pay in china and the locals

after all these days of googling....still i can't seem to find any info for tourist to use mobile payments in china!!! please help. thank you!!!
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