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Bump this. Good points for those who are feeling lost and afraid.

Do not give in to those bloodsuckers. Save the money for yourself and buy a cctv which is affordable as $50.

These AL will only continue to "suck" your income dry by deferring payments after payments. In the end - you lose all your income just by "supplementing" them these uncalled for payments. If you read through this thread from the beginning - the advices given by all of us all are the same throughout -
1. Inform your NOK and workplace
2. Make police report and follow up with them of any disturbances - Hp numbers and suspicious characters loitering around your unit
3. Install CCTV and turn on the motion detector.
4. Change your numbers and bank accounts (If nvr change also can - but endure the barrage of threats)
5. If your neighbourhood got some watch group or something liddat, inform them and your neighbours to help look out for the AL runners or suspicious characters.
6. Last but not least - STOP Funding Criminals - These ALs will use your money or deffered payments to fund runners to harrass you or other borrowers.
Stop the cycle and let us turn the table by "sucking" them dry of their illegitimate business.
Whatever it is - turn to family or support groups for your mental support. God's will - i am sure we can overcome these scums.
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