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Hi all, looking to get some advice here.

I recently sent a ROLEX OYSTER LADY-DATEJUST 69173, W931338 for serving. The watch is still working, but they are charging me $1324 to service the watch, which includes replacing the hands and one diamond on the face of the watch. Rolex does not sell this watch anymore and the last time they sold it was $7000+.

Based on the cost of the servicing, is it worth it for me to fix it? Taking into consideration that the servicing alone is almost like 1/5 of the price last time. Also, will the value of such a watch rise with time? How do I sell in the future? Who do I sell it to? How much can I sell this watch for?

Thank you.
Are you wearing or keeping the watch for the next 10 years? if so then service. Otherwise if you are intending to trade in or upgrade then, don't bother to service. I just gotten a 69173 (diamond dial) from 2nd hand shop at $4000 only (with 2 years warranty).. non diamond dial price ranges from 2500-3500 (subject to condition and box + papers)

Hope the above helps.

And no...69173 will not increase in value over time.
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