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of cos i cant stop them but just wanna let u know my case is i owe a total of around 8k 6 stalls. got painted few times and letters within the month. at first damn scared too but after the first paint i start to think come do already confirm wont pay. second and third comes feel like normal already just go thru procedure call 999 take statement thats it. my advice is just change number dun let them have anyway to contact you. slowly they will feel come do your house also cant contact you whats the point. like one way and they have to pay runner to do it. i can say they are quite at a losing end also at this point. they cant show up in person also can get in touch with you. what they are best at is always act fierce in msg i feel is pretty weak.
Yours is deffered loan or weekly loan...ya my case also same la.paint lock letters pattern all Chu finished now they LAN LAN write of me Liao .spend time on finding new customer better for them
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