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I landed with a few moneylenders.
as long as you pay, they will never do anything to you. so I approach with s.e investment in april and I left two months ahead which left $698.

be frankly s.e investment is the worst service. If you ain't pay on time or delay payment, they call your number everyday basically like ahlong in a rude ass tone. They will come to your house and slide a warrant letter. "Die die no money to pay is your problem, don't care where you get your money from, I want receive cash by today means TODAY! if not my collector will come to your house now.." also I told them I willing to pay $800 include late fee yet they refused...good luck to me I only can pay on pay day.... nvm i will spend my time look for some part time job to work during my free time (to kill the stress that I face with ml)

I regretted.. Even I can't pay the previous month, I told them I'm willing to pay the extra fees by next month, die also want me to pay now. Because of this incident I cry in my office and my boss know I borrow from moneylender and was about to terminate me. I don't even dare to ask anyone for help like who willing to borrow you more than hundred dollars on you? I may not have owe large sum amount of money. This would be my final lesson.

I hope everyone even you have problem with your own financial issue, bare in mind, never ever visit any of the moneylender unless you can effort to pay back how much you borrow even you willing to pay extra fees I can recommend (cash mart) so far if you delay payment they willing to accept the rest idk~

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