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Hi guys,

Got some problem with psn sharing. I was able to activate my kid's ps4 as the primary account. He is using my user name (the one with ps+) to download games and we share the purchased and free games all fine. He plays the games using his own user name and it works. But when it comes to GTA V, the ps4 doesn't allow him to play online on his local user account. It says,"you must be signed in to psn to play gta online". So basically, he switches local user and uses my account on his ps4 just to go play online.

Is it supposed to be like that? Did I miss anything? All the while I thought if there is an active ps+ in a ps4 all accounts can go online. Now he's downloading fortnite and were wondering if it will also be a problem.

Any help guys? Thanks in advance!
Did you create your son's account as a "child account", linked to your own account? Child account meaning for someone under 18, thus may not be able to play GTA V.

If that's not the case, then have to check GTA itself whether it can be shared (I remember it is sharable). Did you buy any DLC for GTA V, like those 'shark cards', ie. their version of microtransaction (those I don't think are sharable).

Did you try sharing of other games, like those PS+ free games and does that work?
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