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I approached to silver lining for help yesterday. We have the same situation. I was so afraid if my parent were to find out I borrow money from license moneylender I might have been kick out of the house. Yesterday the collector had come to my house for the first time I think nobody open the door so they left a letter idk will they be coming everyday? I'm so scare to receive their call because their tone is basically like an long I understand when you borrow you have to return on time but you will never get into people who will never be nice to you even you willing to pay extra and I'm totally out having fears everyday. Everyday is a nightmare.

Regarding of my work I totally lost my soul and continue it's hard to face people who actually know you borrow from moneylender, I was thinking of getting a new job asap two part time could be the best for me to finish all my outstanding payment

silver lining ain't help out much only help you to delay some of the payment. Most people will tell you best is to talk to your family relative or your friends for help. (Say is easy) when nobody help you and only can do is to drag the payment...

Hope we can finish all of the payment no need to stress everyday with al or money lenders..

Best is dont take from any lenders. I approached silver lining for help with my license one. So far they still call me and chase me for payment but there is nothing i can do but let them chase. Keep sending collector to my house every now and then.

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