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I willl cancel with pax no show since pass 5 mins

Kana one dispute case.

Pick up at fusionpolis connexis

Reach there passenger not there. The guard jitao chase me away. Nvm go one big round back to pick up point.

Passenger still not there. Knn guard chase again. I go one round again.

Halfway thru he msg say "im here". I see time 7 min liao. Nvm. Reach. Pick him up. Drop him. Charge $3 waiting fee.

Then few hour later grab call me. Say customer call in complain. Claim he reach first then i reach why i charge waiting fee.

Long story short

After few phone call from Grab to " investigate"

They decide that i got no wrong. No need take back my $3.

Dont need guess which race. Yes is that group....

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