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They can’t threaten you much as they still need to abide by the IPTO regulations. Just try and arrange with them or just tell them to do whatever they want. By the end of the day, they want their money back.

s.e collector never be nice. Die also have to pay yesterday spoken to a rude lady it doesn't give a concern of how you explain they ended up said wasting their time to hear nonsense and excuses.

I don't have much friends. Those friend of mine only came up to me when they need something or else when I try to contact it can never be that easy when they forever left my message on read unless when they need help.

at this point, I only can relay to myself. Non of the people could help me. Not trying to look pathetic I have been working blindly for nearly a year and I realised I don't keep my relative contact at all. It would need sometime to contact time in a hardest way but anything I will give a try at least it might help with less stress against with moneylender.

This year is really a size of rock hitting on my toe. After payment settled I need to love my money and spend wise is most important.
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