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Laptop Recommendation?

Hi, needing a new laptop for poly and at-home usage. Not immediately need but soon so creating thread as part of research on what laptop to buy.

Intended use:
Programming, movies, light gaming, web browsing etc.

<1.5k with Windows 10. (max 2k)

1. Best specs for money
2. Battery
3. Portability (lightness) to lug around poly in future since I'm super small lol.

Prefer 14" if possible. Ok with 15.6" if it's light enough.

I read through some threads in hwz and have a few qns too:
- Is there a big diff in i5 and i7 performance on a laptop? Esp if I want to do programming on it in the future. (Will be expecting to use the laptop as my only computer for a long while/as long as it lasts)
- Seems like mostly its SSD > HHD. If possible, go for both SSD + HHD? Or too overkill?

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