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s.e collector never be nice. Die also have to pay yesterday spoken to a rude lady it doesn't give a concern of how you explain they ended up said wasting their time to hear nonsense and excuses.

I don't have much friends. Those friend of mine only came up to me when they need something or else when I try to contact it can never be that easy when they forever left my message on read unless when they need help.

at this point, I only can relay to myself. Non of the people could help me. Not trying to look pathetic I have been working blindly for nearly a year and I realised I don't keep my relative contact at all. It would need sometime to contact time in a hardest way but anything I will give a try at least it might help with less stress against with moneylender.

This year is really a size of rock hitting on my toe. After payment settled I need to love my money and spend wise is most important.
Hi... I am new in this forum. Bear with me.
I had both debt. Licensed ones I did seek silver lining for help n they did assist to neg with LML from weekly to mthly. Got 6LML close to total of 10k plus. UML got a couple.
For LML, those GL ones I complain to ROM (registry of money lender) cause I suspect they sell contacts to UML. After that they did tone down a bit.
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